Posted by: housingdabble | July 3, 2009

Failure by Government to Police Commercial EPC’s

If you missed this debate yesterday on the failure of Government to police Commercial EPC’s than here is my summary of events. You can still watch it on this link if you wish –

  • Initial response was that Local weights and measures are responsible for enforcing – HM Government support them by providing guidance and access to EPC register – They will assess the level of compliance later this yr – it was Acknowledged they have a duty to promote implementation
  • The Study by NES was highlighted as evidence that it wasn’t being policed
  • The response was that a comprehensive research project is underway initial focus being on the operational aspect of the arrangements and the second around compliance and value for money, which is due to report finally in the summer of 2010 – to date 92,000 Non Domestic EPCs have been completed – accepted that there are issues around non compliance and that they need to be seriously addressed
  • It was raised that a new body called the Association of Property and Energy Professionals were going to be taking the government to ‘judicial review’ and will probably be launching a class action against the government (this includes their views on HEA role) – their web address is not live yet but here is an article about them if you want to know more – Click here for APEP article from EAT
  • It was asked whether government owned property that had been marketed in the relevant period had complied with the legislation to which the Lord squirmed a bit and said he “certainly hoped so” and that with DEC’s there was a “high level of compliance”…
  • Stressed it was a hugely important policy and that it was clearly needed for consumers to be aware of energy consumption of the buildings

 So some coverage for the issues at least but no seeming urgency from the Government with next summer being mentioned for the ‘study’ to be completed.

Also today I notice that the ICBA (The Institution of Commercial Business Agents) have made a statement rejecting calls for agents to be responsible for providing an Energy Performance Certificate for commercial properties.

In my view this would be the easiest way for the government to move towards having this policed by the industry but I am not surprised the ICBA have come out with this if they think it will protect their members.


  1. […] some publicity about the matter over the last few weeks, the government have acted by sending out a guidance document to all Trading standards officers […]

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