Posted by: housingdabble | July 6, 2009

Have you tried a Google search for property?

Google has expanded its property/real estate listings and added extra search functionality for users to find property listings in Google Maps – Meaning that the main property portals now have a rising competitor that receives much more ‘eyeballs’ than they do.

It offers an updated and more comprehensive version of the real estate listings that Google Maps has shown before, along with a new search tool. The results are coming directly from real estate brokerages and agents, many of whom upload listings into Google Base as part of their on-line marketing (no reason why UK agents shouldn’t use Google base?). Google is also getting listings from sources such as Homes & Land and The Real Estate Book and similar sites that advertise listings for participating real estate professionals.


Google Map Search Leicester

 There’s a basic search functionality to search by price range, beds and bathrooms. On the map, each individual listing, whether a property for sale or rent, appears like a business listing does in Google Maps normal search. Users can click the red icon/dot for more information about the property; they can get directions, save the listing to My Maps, or send the listing to someone else via email, phone, car, or GPS. My search above is property in Leicester and already there is a fair amount of property in LE1.

Google is launching real estate listings in response to the rise in property related queries to Google (35% in the year to Feb 2009).

Whilst it remains to be seen if any of the big the UK property portals decide to team up with and feed to Google, there is a growing threat to the world of on-line property marketing models that charge agents to list and had previously had it all their way.

Estate Agents should see this as free marketing and take advantage of a way to differentiate you from your competitors. USP’s are hard to come by at the moment so why not gather some stats, use Google Base to upload, point it back to your own web site and sell it on listings as another extra you offer.


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  2. Hi Ben,

    Nice article. It seems that the US is yet again leading the way here closely followed by Australia (Google has got a joint venture with a portal down there I hear)

    I am sure the UK agents should jump on this but I wonder how many of them will know about it. As for my world of overseas property; it is a little bit more difficult.

    Best wishes Ben.

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  4. Hi all,

    I’ve been a member for 5 minutes and already I’ve picked up some great info,

    thanks, I will feed in when I have some info of note

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  6. This information very nice.Place 4 U –UAE Worldwide Property portal for buyers, private sellers, agents and developers with thousands of UK and Overseas properties.

  7. Dear housingdabble,

    Please can you advise where the stats about the 35% rise in property related queries to Google came from?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Polly,

      The stat of 35% rise in property related queries was in the google press release from when they launched their property search in Australia

      hope that helps,


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