Posted by: housingdabble | July 7, 2009

Zoopla launch Askme! Q+A

It seems to have creeped onto the scene almost under the radar, which is a huge shame, but on June 29th Zoopla launched the AskMe! Q+A  feature enabling Estate Agents interact with consumers asking questions that fit their area of expertise.

If social media for Estate Agents is about engaging with your target community and demonstrating expertise, then Zoopla’s AskMe! Q&A gives Estate Agents that opportunity. You can build your online profile and get points each time you answer a question or your contribution is rated by a user as helpful. By sharing your knowledge directly with the community, you will be featured on the website as Local Experts.Zoopla and Yahoo



Agents in the U.S. use the popular Yahoo! Answers site which works on a similar basis and I have heard from agents that have won business from their presence on there. As an example, I opened a search for Home and Garden in the Yahoo site and the top question was – Is BD5 in Bradford a good place to live? – As a Bradford agent, if you are able to get involved in this conversation then could you turn it in to an opportunity?

Alex Chesterman, CEO and founder of explained the rationale behind the new feature, saying:

“AskMe! Q&A is a further extension of our mission to help connect property consumers and professionals in the most efficient way possible. By continuing to innovate in the property market, is fast-becoming the most effective way for agents to gain exposure and leads and to develop relationships with their future customers.”

“Local market knowledge is one of the key criteria in the decision making process of potential sellers in selecting an agent. Through our AskMe! Q&A feature agents will be able to raise their profile and engage with homeowners early on in the decision-making process and offer advice and local knowledge that will enhance their business reputation. AskMe! Q&A will no doubt help the agents who are local experts to gain market share over time as local owners go to agents who they trust and have built a relationship with.”

By using these sites alongside their other social media marketing, agents can build themselves a toolkit that will enable them to become established local experts within their target community. As with all social media sites, it needs time to build an larger community of consumers and professionals in order to generate the level of activity most agents would want to see, but it certainly has the opportunity achieve that. 

This is a space that needed filling in the UK and I hope that this can develop and become a useful online community for agents to tap into. How will the other property portals respond?


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