Posted by: housingdabble | July 27, 2009

Should it be Property Portals or… Agents beware?

I’ve posted before about the new google property map search and I still find this new development very exciting

however… I also have some concerns for agents if it takes off

Despite some agents dislike for payments to property portals, there is one problem they do keep at bay. In the UK we have significantly less private sellers than other countries, largely down to the fact that the major portals that provide the best route to market when selling your home, do not allow private sellers to upload their properties (In other countries they do).

So if agents were to jump on the ‘google bus’ and begin to give power to its listing mechanism and its searching power, is it possible they will be building another beast that cannot be tamed? Google will not stop private sellers from listing on their maps function as they have no concern over what data is on their site, so long as it generates searches.

Perhaps Agents and Property Portals have a shared challenge here and should work together to find ways of ensuring that the best routes to market stay restricted to the professionals.

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