Posted by: housingdabble | August 3, 2009

estatecreate deal with GMG

I posted a few weeks back about the new service offered by whereby agents can create personalised web sites for individual properties with their own URL – e.g

I really rate this service and it seems that GMG Property Services have also spotted it’s potential by setting up a partnership for their users. GMG are the largest supplier of software to UK estate agencies with products such as Vebra, Core Systems and CFP and have announced a partnership which allows agents using GMGPS software to create individual property websites for any of their properties. have a feed in place so that clients using GMGPS software can import all of their properties to estatecreate and then simply click to publish a property to its own website with a personal domain name. As part of the partnership estatecreate is offering estate agents a 1 month free trial and will not be charging a set up fee (usually £10/month).

Henry Yates, estatecreate Chief Executive, said: “We are excited to be working with GMG Property Services. They are the market leader with over 35% of agents using their software. This partnership delivers great value to the estate agency market. Offering potential clients their own website for their property is a great way of wining instructions. estatecreate single property sites are the 21st Century’s answer to property brochures.”

Mark Goddard, Group Managing Director, GMG Property Services, said: “estatecreate is an ideal partner for us as it enables us to offer our customers a great tool to win new instructions. In the US just under 30% of all properties have their own website, we anticipate that this will become more popular in the UK.”

The real win here is that people today want personalisation, and how much more personalised can you get on the web than your own URL and a site with all the content dedicated to the sale of your property!

Join the queue agents.

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