Posted by: housingdabble | August 5, 2009

Commercial EPC Policing – the cupboard is bear…

Commercial EPC Policing – the cupboard is bear…

Just a quick update since my recent posts on HM Governments failure to implement the Energy Performance of Buildings regulations on Commercial EPC’s.

We came up with the idea in our highly creative office think-tank that in the same way trading standards outsource some of their other services, such as credit licensing checks, they may be interested in using a third party to police the EPC regs.

I spoke to three trading standards offices and was told the same by each of them. They simply have no funding and whilst the policing would likely lead to a large number of fines for the companies that are not complying, they do not earn any revenue from fines because they all go to the courts.

They can on occasion claim funds from fines, such as proceeds of crime charges such as lifestyle crimes, but not in this case. The expenses they can claim are minimal.

This means that their already tight budgets cannot stretch to outsourcing and as you would expect they cannot afford the resources to do themselves either. Back to Sq1!


  1. You have to wonder what they have the funds to do then if this is beyond them? Whats the point of them?

    Its a wonder that anyone is buying anything to do with the EPBD legislation if that’s the case. As soon as this gets out there will be a free for all.

    • I have hope still that whilst tough at the moment there will be some tightening next year and by the summer companies will be much more compliant

  2. After hard hitting stories such as the loan sharks last night you can see why trading standards dont see this as a priority, well it certainly wouldn’t make BBC news headlines for sure. Infact, unfortunately trading standards seem to be completely uninterested in the subject. As far as am aware there has been little policing, if any fines to date which is quite disgraceful.

    This needs to be treated seriously, why should honest law abiding people/businesses meet their obligations when others are allowed to ‘get’ away with it. The legislation has now been in place longer enough, action is needed.

    Your sub-contracted policing system sounds as if it has potential, similar to how the parking attendants run at present in local authorities??

    • thanks for comment Paul – I felt the same after watching news last night too.

      I do have confidence that things will tighten up over the next 12 months. Met this monring with a company managing 500+ units though and they don’t seem to care too much until they see someone making some noise

      We will keep plugging away, but for now at least trading standards will remian only reactive.

  3. What’s up everyone, my name is Shaun. I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hey. I hope I posted this in the right section!

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