Posted by: housingdabble | August 7, 2009

Globrix mobile site review

I must point out the Globrix site is not an iphone app, so it isn’t going to compete on the same terms as other iphone apps yet. I stress yet, because Globrix tell me that their app is in production and so will be unleashed with lots of clever new features very soon.

Globrix search resultsFront page is clean and clear as you would expect with straight forward search criteria for starters. It can also use your geographical location to search properties in your vicinity.

There are Google adds on the search page which none of the other sites I have looked at have, but I guess Globrix being a free service need to generate revenue somehow.

On the first results page there is an advanced search and the ability to tweak price/location. The results are displayed in a list where you can click through to each property and the information is presented clearly with a big clear main photo, brief details and then a Google map.

As with the iProperty app, the area the site falls down is that to get any further information on the property you have to go to the agents own web site, and as most agents don’t have mobile sites, to then search on a small screen can become a bit tedious.

I think this is the best mobile site and has all the functionality you would expect from a market leading site. I can’t help thinking their forthcoming app will need to be much better to beat the Rightmove app, and I hope it will because this could be a chance to knock Rightmove off their lofty top spot with the next generation of house hunters.

My score – 7.5/10


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