Posted by: housingdabble | August 7, 2009

Nestoria/iProperty iPhone app review

Nestoria recently made an open invite for developers to use the Nestoria API, which resulted in Iain McLean creating a new application for the iPhone called iProperty. The App is available for mobile property searchers the UK as well as Italy, Spain and Germany where Nestoria’s sister sites are located.

 The first thing you notice is that it isn’t free! £1.79 isn’t going to break the bank, but why would you pay for this when the others are free? (-5 marks immediately)iproperty home screen

 It is a fairly basic looking app on first look, as the first screen looks like a primary school project homepage, but when you get into the main search page the functionality across the top menu bar is really impressive.

Users can filter their property search by number of rooms, rent, buy, houses, flats, and price. It also allows you to search by entering a location or, in the ultimate example of mobility, by pinpointing your geolocation via the iPhone’s GPS and searching within a specified radius.

The first use ‘tutorial’ which pops up each time you hit an option for the first time is a nice touch and although it sometimes tells you the obvious, bearing in mind most users will be general consumers it’s a good idea.iproperty search results

So you tap in your search criteria which is pretty standard with slider bars for price etc and is really well presented, and it provides a list of available matches. One of my main issues with this first view is the lack of photograph, and whilst you have the options to preview (photo and brief particulars then shown) or visit the agents site, it slows down the filtering process you naturally do when looking for a house. You can also save the property to a list here and show the property on a map which has satellite view available – I like!

iproperty previewI’d say that the area the app falls down is that to get any further information on the property you have to go to the agents own web site. As most agents don’t have mobile sites, to then search on a small screen then becomes a bit tedious.

So for the initial sourcing property and seeing roughly what’s available in your given location it works pretty well, but to take your search beyond this will require another route such as phone, door knocking of pc. It would have to be free to be worth downloading.


My Score – 2/10


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