Posted by: housingdabble | August 7, 2009

Rightmove app tops free app list

On Tuesday, Rightmove launched their new iPhone app and early signs are promising with it topping the ‘Top Free free apps RightmoveApps’ league on iTunes. With this new trend towards improved mobile property sites across the world,  I decided to review the current flock of iphone apps and mobile sites to see who is doing what.

It’s no surprise that the UK property portals want to get involved with iphone apps as they become increasingly popular and more and more people are using mobiles to search the web. The top US property app from Zillow (pic to right) has been downloaded over half a million times, proving how popular mobile web surfing for property is and has the potential to be going forwardzillowiphone view

I am sure that Rightmove would like to follow in the footsteps of Zillow and know that the other portals are working on iPhone apps too, Globrix being one of them promising to bring out an app with wow factor very soon.

I wanted to see what else was on offer currently in terms of mobile sites to rival this app to get a feel for where this market is going and so have done reviews of the following sites for comparison (click to view):-

iProperty – iPhone app

Globrix – mobile site

propertyfinder – mobile site

Rightmove -mobile site and iphone app

As you will see from my reviews, all have pretty good search functions (except propertfinder) and are fairly similar, so the two key summary points for me are:-

A)     Who has good content within the app/site – sites that have to send users to agents sites for more content, which are normally not easy to search on mobiles, score lower

B)      Early bird catches the worm – I’m not sure house hunters will download more than one app for house hunting, so early market share will be important

So far, Rightmove win on both counts. They are the first big UK portal to launch and iPhone app and a very good app it is. They also have largest market share at the moment and if they can be effective at getting the word out (had some pretty good press this week and being top of the free app leaderboard won’t hurt) via press and agents they will likely lead the way. Secondly they don’t send you away from their app to see any info, so the presentation remains second to none. With sites that link to the agents own web site for photographs and further details the quality seal spent on the initial site is lost.

Functions I would suggest Rightmove include in their next version would be satellite/street view on the maps, so that I can see what the local surrounds really look like, and the Push function so that when a new property lists that matches a saved search you get a number appear on the icon to tell you there is a new match to view.

In terms of mobile sites (non iPhone), I would have to say that Globrix have a much better mobile site that Rightmove and remember that there are tons of people out there that don’t have an iPhone and will be searching using these sites.

So with Globrix due soon to launch their own app I can’t wait to see if they can improve on the Rightmove app, but for now Rightmove have launched a market leading app, THE app to beat.

If I was a property hunter with an iPhone, I would prefer the Rightmove site for now, but if I was an Estate Agent I’d be looking at getting my own mobile site and being prepared to promote the Globrix services alongside my own.


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