Posted by: housingdabble | August 7, 2009

Rightmove iPhone and mobile site review

First things first and the Rightmove mobile site is probably the worst one I‘ve seen. It looks really lame and whilst it has the search functionality you would expect, the look and feel reminds me of the window cards in an old school estate agency window.

Rightmove home screenThe new iPhone app on the other hand is excellent. If you’ve read my other mobile site and app reviews, you can assume it does pretty much everything the other sites do but in a cleaner and self contained way. GPS current location option is there, as are Google maps, multiple photo’s

 Whilst as an agent you probably would want the app to point clients to your own web site (as you no doubt wish the main Rightmove site would) the reality is that hardly any agents have mobile sites and so by keeping them in the app and showing the data in a really clear manner, Rightmove are doing agents a huge favour in keeping them here. Clients can still email/call agents with one click from the app as they can from the main site.  Rightmove search results

The property location search comes first, then after being shown the results you filter the search to refine your needs. The menu unfolds in the same way other Apple functions on the phone do, making it immediately easy to navigate. Searches and favourite properties can be saved and the details and photographs are very easily navigated from within the app.

Functions I would like to see included in the next version would be satellite/street view on the maps, so that I can see what the local surrounds really look like, and the Push function so that when a new property lists that matches a saved search you get a number appear on the icon to tell you there is a new match to view.

This is a great app and in my opinion the one to beat. Whilst the overall functionality is as good as I’ve seen on a mobile/app site, Rightmove win on two counts.

Rightmove property view1)       They are the first big UK portal to launch and iPhone app and a very good app it is. They also have largest market share at the moment and if they can be good at marketing (had some pretty good press this week and being top of the free app leaderboard won’t hurt) via press and agents they will likely lead the way.

2)      They keep you in the app for the entire search and so the presentation remains second to none.


This will be very hard app to beat and if I were looking for a property right now I would be sure to use it. As an estate agent I’d be trying to think how I could get one of my own!

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