Posted by: housingdabble | September 2, 2009

Who wants to socialise with estate agents?

With the growing number of estate agents starting to engage in social media, one question I have to ask is ‘Who wants to socialise with estate agents’?

The two main property forums for agents to socialise on (Juicy Red Apple and Ageants) are largely made up of service providers because the small number of estate agents that have chosen to sign up, either don’t interact or don’t bother to return to the sites.

Search twitter under the term estate agents and you will find people bemused that they are being followed by an estate agent – (“aaaargh”), and are keen to avoid any further contact.

So bearing in mind that nobody wants to socialise with estate agents and that even estate agents don’t want to socialise with estate agents, how do you approach social networking on such sites as twitter and facebook.

 My advice is not to go on as XYZ estate agents, but rather as you. People buy people and so in order to become a local in your communities you need to drop the brand and show your face. If you go to the local pub after work, you don’t wear a sandwich board with your company logo on and constantly walk up to people telling them your latest listings – I hope. So why do this on twitter?

 Be yourself and people will be able to build a relationship and trust you. Don’t hide who you are, but by being yourself first and an estate agent second, you will likely find more people willing to be your friend and may even recommend you to their friends.

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