Posted by: housingdabble | September 18, 2009

Make me Laugh

The majority of estate agents proudly speak on their web sites about their amazing customer service, highly motivated staff and great marketing blah de blah. When I repeatedly come across this approach, the saying comes to mind – don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh – and it underlines the problem that all agents say pretty much the same on their web sites. I don’t care how good you think you are; show me some external evidence to back it up.

 There are two ways agents can show it is not just their own opinion:-

  1. Win awards and shout about them
  2. Work to build a bank of positive online reviews

 Awards are an effective way to show clients that a third party has rated your services The estate agency of the year awards are a great example of this with past winners Greene & Co and Newmans being just two examples of agents that have won awards and reaped huge benefits from the promotion on the back of them.

 Customer reviews are an even easier way for agents to achieve this by building up a bank of customer reviews online. Most agents boast a collection of thank you cards from happy clients and in some cases these make their way onto the wall or even onto the agents own web site. Why not get these clients to review you online at one of the popular review sites?

 On a valuation, how powerful would it be to say to the potential listing, “Don’t just take our word for it, visit xyz review site where independent reviews are posted about our services. You’ll see that we have x number of reviews….”.

 To find the best site to direct clients to, enter your agency name and ‘review’ into google and see which sites already have some feedback on your business. If there aren’t any obvious ones then allagents or review centre would probably be a good starting point.

 An easy way to get involved in the world of web 2.0 that can bring measurable and powerful results.


  1. What about awards that are won at a conference for ‘Best accreditation scheme’ based on a simple yes/no vote only, Ben?

    Shouldn’t the award really be for ‘Accreditation scheme with most members’? 😉

    I think you know what I mean; no disrespect to the “winner” intended.

    • Couldn’t agree more Mike – customers vote with their feet so it’s a good measure

  2. I think there’s a huge number of estate agents out there who wouldn’t be comfortable asking for testimonials and honest feedback. Get the service right and they will come naturally.

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