Posted by: housingdabble | September 20, 2009

Not Lady Gaga? Show me your face

gaga_vma09If you happened to see Lady Gaga on the MTV VMA’s this week you will remember one of her looks involving a piece of red netting wrapped around her head concealing her face. She looked ridiculous but we instantly knew who it was and that’s partly because she has built a major personal brand – well done to her…

Something I find amazing is the number of people who open social media profiles without showing their faces. The whole point of social media is the personal aspect of building relationships, which when met with a faceless account is lost.

If you follow me on twitter and don’t have your photo on your avatar, I’m won’t follow you back unless I already know you.twittersadfinal

More importantly though, it is a important part of building your personal brand. Last week I met face to face with a number of people I have met online, and as we met I felt as though I already knew them well, recognising what they look like being part of this.

So if you want to build your personal brand and make an impact with social media, ignore the lead from Lady Ga Ga and show your face.

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