Posted by: housingdabble | October 13, 2009

be2camp@working buildings – Estate Agents use of Web2.0

I spoke last week at the be2camp event at working buildings, about the use of social media by estate agents. The video and my slides can be found here, but as an overview here are my main points :-

  • We are in a communications revolution and we will embrace it if we get involved in two way conversations rather than broadcasting
  • Difficult ground for Estate Agents – commonly top charts for the least respected profession so how can they build relationships online with this working against them
  • The majority of Estate Agents involved in social media are primarily broadcasting their listings – #fail

  • You need to build a personal brand – demonstrate your credibility and build trust and transparency
  • I recommend you choose three social media platforms to give your time to – e.g. Blog, twitter, and a forum – these will vary by estate agent and your target market – don’t just jump in, find your target audience
  • Social Media will amplify your brand – whether it is good or bad – so your customer service etc needs to be A1
  • There are agents out there using Social Media very effectively – Sally Asling from Surrey LetsPeter Rollings of Marsh and Parsons – to name just two
  • Penny Power’s latest book called ‘know me, like me, follow me’ is a great model to follow for your social media strategy
  • Getting online recommendations is a crucial part of showing you are worthy of peoples business – A recent Neilson survey showed 70% of people trust consumer opinions online
  • Combine your traditional marketing activity with your social media platform work and your online recommendations. Getting them all interlinked is a crucial part of the process

If you have any questions about my presentation or would like to talk to me about a social media plan then please contact me via the usual routes






  1. Ben you are so right,but what percentage of turnover actually comes from Social Media…..I know its growing but it doesnt put much in the bank now.
    Please let me know your thoughts,there will be lots of people who will want to know how it really creates money in the pocket before they take that social media leap….

    • Hi Paul,

      Good question and one that agents are keen to know the answer to – effectively “what’s in it for me”

      The answer is, it does put money in the bank and I have spoken to numerous agents that are approaching it correctly and have monetised it in the first month of being active through winning listings, creating viewings, improving their brand perception, promoting their campaigns etc. However, for every agent that does it correctly I can show you ten that aren’t.

      Another point to remember is that social media conversations are taking place without you being present and so if you are not joining in the conversations they are still going on. Can you afford not to be representing your business?

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