Posted by: housingdabble | January 12, 2010

A short story about marketing

I saw a stat the other day that said that 6 million households in the UK own a dog, and it got me thinking that it was a lot of people. I decided to put together a strategy to get people with dogs to sell their properties with me. I’m not that keen on dogs myself, but I thought ‘no pain no gain’ and off I went to get a dog.

 I’d read on the internet that I could get one for free if I went down to the dog home, so that’s what I did and I got myself a big brown one. Right I thought, now I’ve got a dog I should be able to get some business from all these dog owners.

The following morning I got up at the usual time and went out to the local park to walk my dog. I was disappointed to find no one walking their dogs at that time, just the odd bit of doggy poo left behind.

The next morning I got up a bit earlier and I was delighted to find that there were lots of people out walking their dogs. Now to do some business!

Fortunately I was armed with some of my business flyers, so every time I walked past someone I quickly thrust a leaflet into their hands and shouted out that my office was on the high street. I didn’t talk to any of them because to be honest I’m not really that keen on pet owners. Plus I don’t understand the lingo and I needed to move quickly if I was going to maximise my marketing plan.

I’m not sure if they were put off because my big brown dog barked at most of them, but I was most disappointed to find that no one turned up to my offices the next day asking to hear more about my fantastic service.

Anyway, I’ve decided now that dog owners are a waste of time. My next marketing plan is to try social media because apparently there are twice as many people doing that and it’s free too!


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