Posted by: housingdabble | February 3, 2010

If mobile is going to be big in 2010….

Hamptons have launched their own app enabling users to search their super sexy properties straight from the super sexy iPhone – so a pretty good match there then.

It is quite a surprise that they’ve gone to the iPhone before having a general mobile version of their main web site, but they have nonetheless done a pretty awesome job of it

It is equally as good as the Rightmove app that I have posted on previously as setting the benchmark for mobile apps and because of the high quality photography on all of their listings, right up to Chertsey road in Guildford priced at £70million… the app looks and feels great.

All the functionality you would expect is there and the ‘cover-flow’ type approach to flicking through the photo’s is smooth and impressive.

It seems that more agents will begin to move into iPhone apps and there are companies offering off the peg solutions to agents including functions such as a map search, not seen on the other apps available and also use of the push functionality.

I’m not 100% convinced an iPhone app for individual agents is necessary at this stage, but rather I would be leaving this arena for the portals to do battle in (others portal apps due v.soon) and maybe the large corporates.

Could the newly released iPad have any impact on this? Probably not, when you consider that the screen is big enough to surf standard web pages and so there is no need for a specialist app other than maybe to save on download usage.

My recommendation is for agents to get their mobile site in place first, which will enhance the experience from the portals apps as they link to yours.  This will make the user experience smoother and buyers are more likely to hang around.

I’d be interested to hear views from any agents considering these web options and what is influencing your decision.

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