Posted by: housingdabble | March 10, 2010

Do you like me?

I had a conversation last week about doing business with people we like and whilst it seems a bit of an obvious one, we all prefer to do business with people we like which means we need to also be liked ourselves. I’ve always had the view that potential clients/partnerships need to tick a number of boxes in order to be worth doing business with and the ‘likability factor’ is one of those boxes.

If you don’t like the people selling a product or service, the deal has to be extremely compelling for it to be worth doing and there are very few of these cases. Most of us decide if we like someone pretty quickly and first impressions last and make a very deep impression. We have the process we refer to as ‘ice breaking’ where we might talk about the weather or other mundane subjects and there is also an element of storytelling that goes on – we ALL love to hear stories. This ice breaking process is effectively us trying to build some rapport one another and seeing if we like one another.

So how can we use our online marketing to facilitate the ice breaking, first impression building through letting people have a glimpse of our personalities before we meet?

I was with a friend of mine last week who when he first meets clients, is often told that they feel as if they already know him. This is because he films product videos which include him demonstrating and talking through the product and they are posted on his web site and viewed by potential clients. By watching these short videos people ‘get to know him’ and this definitely helps him in the sales process because they build trust in him too.

Prior to meeting people I can now find out much more about them as a person and vice versa, so we need to think about how we can give clients an insight into our business and our personality before we meet them. If people like you they are more likely to ask you out to value their home, more likely to list with you, more likely to buy additional services from you.

How are you using video, social media and other tools to create ways of giving potential customers an insight into your business and accelerate the relationship and trust building?

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