Posted by: housingdabble | March 12, 2010

A USP over Tesco iSold

Given Tesco’s recent move back into the property market it would be interesting to see if Estate Agents will seek to differentiate themselves from the iSold service based on having a more relaxed dress code.

Tesco recently banned customers from visiting their stores wearing pyjamas. One particularly lady who was refused access to the store was particularly put out by this on the basis that she wasn’t doing her “full proper shopping” but was “only popping in for a pack of fags” and she went on to explain in this interview that they were her ‘best pyjamas’ and that she has some lovely pairs.

We recommend you move quickly to confirm your business stance on this important matter, to clarify if you are happy for clients to visit your offices in their pyjamas providing they are their ‘best’ pyjamas – thus giving you a USP over Tesco.

Happy shopping

Disclaimer – Whilst I do ask that you maintain your dignity, I do not impose any clothing related restrictions when  reading this blog.

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