Posted by: housingdabble | March 15, 2010

2015 outlook for online house hunters

 I was asked last week to give my views on the changes we are going to see in terms of online property activity by 2015. Here is what I said:-

In five years time I anticipate the largest change to the property market will be the increase in access to information. Home sellers and buyers will be able to make even more informed decisions relating to their moves on this basis and we will see an increase in use of online estate agents that offer a different type of service with more choice.

Estate agents will use mobile devices such as the iPad to demonstrate their services during a visit to appraise a property and they will also be able to use these devices to measure the home and show comparable information to explain to the homeowner how they reached their valuation.

Those planning to move will be able to see the Estate Agency service levels other users have experienced through online registers and reviews and potential tenants will be able to read similar reviews on their landlord and shortlisted properties.

Information to assist home movers is at the moment, available but extremely fragmented. In 2015 information will have been brought together more efficiently and search engines will be intelligent enough to suggest additional information to assist your search. So when searching for a property, by typing ‘three bed semi with long back garden near St Paul’s School’ the user will receive suitable properties and then information on the community, local services, crime rates, catholic churches, planning requests, price guides of sold properties, satellite maps and so on.

The experience for buyers searching for homes will also be much richer in terms of content and videotours will become the norm. Mobile devices will be used much more in the home searching process and will be able to identify using the inbuilt camera which properties in a certain street are available to sale or rent and then return the same level of extensive information.

I’m interested to hear your views and any other areas you think will change…


  1. We have found that the “Videotours”, as you call them, not only benefit the buyer but has become and effective selling tool also. And you don’t have to wait until 2015!!

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