Posted by: housingdabble | May 13, 2010

Rightmove launch new desktop search app

With the recent promise of ‘new sparkly gadgets’ Rightmove have today announced the launch of their latest innovation the ‘Rightmove desktop’ application. This means that house hunters now have a range of ways to get updates on property listed on Rightmove such as:-

iPhone app

Twitter (limited areas)

Web Slices on IE8

Search widget

Rightmove desktop

This new desktop application allows desktop searching for house hunters and whilst they can search for property using the same criteria as on the Rightmove web site, by using the application they get the following benefits:-

  • Pop-up property alerts – desktop alert when new properties are listed that match one of your five saved property alerts.
  • Bigger images and floor plans – The overall presentation is better than on the web, with larger, crisper images and a better background design.
  • Personal homepage – When opening the application your home page shows your viewing history in terms of saved and recent searches and properties.

From a house hunter’s perspective the one aspect that I think will have most appeal is the ability to get updates regarding saved searches and properties without having to register an account or give out an email address.

I expect it’s aimed at ‘hardcore’ house hunters who want any means by which to be ahead of the game and know about new listings before anyone else. It will be interesting to see what number of people go ahead and upload the application.

From an agents perspective, I’m not sure it offers any new benefits. This current version (and there are obviously going to be upgrades) strikes me as missing a few vital points:-

  • A lack of premium listings – Agents/Vendors pay for an enhanced listing on the Rightmove portal, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of them being flagged as premium on the desktop.
  • No agent display adverts – As you can see from the screen shots, there is obviously no room as things stand for Local homepage ads, featured agents or featured listings. I would imagine that if this alternative search takes off in significant numbers, then there will need to be a way of these paid for adverts to feature in the same way on the desktop.

The other downside for me is that there are too many clicks required to get info that is currently all on one page on the web site. The more clicks needed to get information, the less people will actually make it to that information, and I feel that by having the floor plans, maps, photo’s and details on separate tabs it could be reducing the amount of info that is consumed. No doubt Rightmove will be able to monitor this usage and develop accordingly.

All in all it is a very smart tool and I have no doubt it will be widely used, I’m just not sure it ticks enough boxes for me quite yet. Ultimately, it does give home searchers more tools to find their perfect property, which can’t be a bad thing.


  1. Could be interesting though Ben with regard the user as ultimately they are what counts. If they like the application (and I agree about the number of clicks, ultimately could be the death of such an application) then it will benefit the agent.

    Good blog as always Ben.


  2. I love this feature
    Its actually a very usable application and looks great

    From a users perspective its very easy to search with

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