Posted by: housingdabble | July 8, 2010

Zoopla get three new board heavyweights

This morning I received an email from Lawrence Hall at Zoopla with what he described as a GAME CHANGING announcement.

It’s not very often that a portal would claim to have one of those, but surely this is worth sitting up for, because today Zoopla is announcing that it has signed long term strategic partnerships with the UK’s three largest estate agent groups – Countrywide, LSL Property Services plc and Connells Group. Under these agreements, each of the agent groups will advertise all of their properties on and provide additional marketing and advisory support to Zoopla.

But probably of most importance is that this agreement includes Grenville Turner (CEO of Countrywide), Simon Embley (CEO of LSL) and David Livesey (Group CEO of Connells) being appointed to the Zoopla board as Non-Executive Directors with immediate effect.

The appointments are a strong signal of intent from Zoopla and a major endorsement from these three chains. The support of these three means they will be working extremely closely with them on intiatives which will no doubt be focusessed on the consumer and the information that they are seeking.

These three companies will still have very strong links with Rightmove and TDPG, but being non-exec members of the Zoopla board no doubt ties them even closer here. Alex Chesterman will be delighted to add to his board with these highly experienced agency heads who are also well connected and will no doubt become Zoopla advocates.

I was with a major supplier to the industry yesterday and this week they had held a strategy meeting with their most valued clients. They told me that the passion and investment of ideas from this mall group is invaluable to them and that they will continue to look to work with agents to develop their products. This is exactly what Zoopla are doing and then some.

Whether you think it’s game changing or not, it is certainly another interesting stroke in the property portal battles.


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  2. Zoopla will need to increase the quality of the leads generated; shockingly bad in comparison to Rightmove

    Just a couple of examples below;

    “please could u let me know there is anywere in XXX area wat take poeple on benefits”

    “I am looking for a property for sale in Edinburgh. Please let me know about any suitable properties you have, but not more than 40000 Euros. Thanks.” – £33k for a property in Edinburgh!!!

    “I am looking for a property for sale in Edinburgh. Please let me know about any suitable properties you have. Thanks. Leith or newhaven area preferred” – no mobile number given and no price given either by the prospective buyer

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