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Broadcasting listings – One of the most annoying things that estate agents do on twitter (and Facebook and LinkedIn and and and..)

This is a huge misunderstanding of how to use these tools and is worse than doing nothing at all.

I read this great post today by James Coyne of Resource Techniques and it reminded me of a recent event I attended where I heard Chris Brogan speak. I want to share some of the points he made that might help some to re-consider their approach to social marketing. If there is such a thing as a social media guru then Chris is one.

Whenever I go to events and listen to case studies or ideas people have it gets my mind buzzing. I might be reminded of something I’ve done previously but stopped doing. Or I might see and idea that hasn’t been executed in the same way I would and so I take the idea and adapt it for my needs.

Here are a few points (not everything) Chris mentioned that sparked ideas and reminders in my mind:-

One of the first things Chris said was that his job was being a typist and then he went on to point out what a great time it was for us to be using these tools without having to be expert web masters. Anyone that can type can get involved and create content etc and reach a wider audience.

He spoke about the fact that it enables us to do niche targeting. Traditional advertising such as television, sells products to us that we don’t want or need. The social web enables us to go and find the people we really want to do business with rather than going after everyone.

Chris has a 12:1 rule, whereby he strives to promote others 12 times to every time he promotes his own stuff. He described the role of a connecting joint and said that if you listen to opportunities for other people that you can connect together, it puts you at the top of their list to recommend you – reciprocation.

Chris also strives to comment on 10 blogs per day  – all as part of the giving back process and letting people know that you are listening.

Finally, some listening tools he uses and recommends are:-




I felt that these were great reminders and very thought provoking. Particularly the thoughts around contributing and giving to others. Far too many people use the social wed to promote themselves and broadcast their messages.  However, if we use it as a tool to help one another and share our skills and knowledge, the opportunities will present themselves to us.

As I said at the beginning, if you can’t do it properly then don’t do it.


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  2. Personally I love the 12:1 rule but I feel that generally Estate Agents need to walk before they can run.

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