Posted by: housingdabble | August 18, 2010

Jackson-Stops Staff ‘fast find’

Believe it or not, people do still read newspapers…

And they still use them to look for property.

In last years ‘Home Moving Trends Survey’ 79% of movers told us that they used local newspapers to some extent in their property search.

One problem that exists when using newspapers to search for properties is the users ability to then easily find further details on any specific properties on the Internet.

Maybe you’ve experienced the situation where you’ve seen a specific property in the newspaper and you then want to find more details on the web. So you go either to a portal or more likely to agents web site, find the property search tool, put in the broad price range in to the search engine and then look through a number of properties to find the actual property.

Jackson-Stops Staff have introduced a clever ‘fast find’ facility to overcome this issue. You simply take the ‘fast find’ reference from the newspaper (or window card or property particulars) and put it into the ‘fast find’ box on their home page and immediately you are through to the property listing.

It’s a simple idea for a problem and a side benefit this serves is that it ensures that those that view properties in your newspaper advertising don’t then go to a portal, but that they go to your web site.

With 17% of ‘Home Moving Trends’ respondents selecting an agents advertising presence in local papers as being an important factor in asking agents to give them a market appraisal, getting them to your web site straight from the newspaper would seem like a pretty good tactic.

If you’d like to take part in this years home moving trends survey then please compete the form on this link.

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