Posted by: housingdabble | September 7, 2010

Is ‘Pay Per Click’ the answer?

The decision as to whether your Estate Agency businesses should be embracing ‘Pay per click’ (PPC) advertising to improve the visibility of your web sites continues, with some saying it is pointless competing with the Portals for relevant local search terms and others saying it is worth investing time and effort into finding your relevance in this space.

Here are a couple of examples of agents approaches to PPC that might spark some different ideas for you.

Martyn Gerrard of North London wanted to get involved in PPC and took a very open approach to discovering the specific search terms they should be investing in.

They ran an SEO key words competition where they asked local people what terms they were using to search for property and offered everyone that contributed the chance to won £500.

The competition gave them some valuable feedback and also showed the local community that they valued their input. They were also able to generate good local press coverage when announcing the winner of the competition.

If you don’t think you can compete with the big boys on generic word terms for your area or region, why not use search terms to offer an additional marketing tool to your clients, in the same way that Chancellors do.

Chancellors Estate Agents were one of the webs early adopters having a web site way back in 1996 and have since made several innovative moves through the years.

No doubt they have a pretty involved PPC campaign running, but it’s they way they’ve packaged Google adwords as a benefit to their landlords that I really like.

They’re advertising it as a property marketing tool for landlords, as the way to get their property seen by the greatest number of potential tenants.

Displayed when tenants perform relevant keyword searches the adverts link to the specific web page advertising that property. Each adword is monitored daily and tuned to ensure that it is being effective.

If you’re unsure about how to get involved in PPC then maybe these are alternative ways to get involved. My only warning is that it can become addictive…

Let me know what your Estate or Letting Agency PPC strategy is?


  1. As letting agents in Edinburgh, we have been able to get top positions on Google for our PPC adverts, and the spend has been justified by attracting new clients (landlords). This is difficult to achieve when you rely on the organic search results.

    We do not target tenants with PPC as there is no need – in the main, we rely on local and national letting portals. I would have thought the same applies for estate agents – i.e. only use PPC to attract sellers.

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