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iPad Apps for Estate Agents

Industry commentators from across the globe have been quick to highlight how useful they think the Apple iPad will be to Estate Agents in going about their daily activity.


The Exit Pro



I’m certainly in agreement that it can be a great tool in the hands of a savvy agent that uses it to enhance the way they currently do things and maybe give them the edge when it comes to making things happen.

Here is my list of apps that an Estate Agent with an iPad needs in their dock – One tip is if you read this post in your iPad and click on the images or links, you should go through to the relevant iTunes app store pages.


First things first, I would expect all UK agents to download the two property portal apps. Both have approached the iPad app in a different way and so you will probably want to know your way around them both


As you’d expect from the UK’s largest portal, they have created a really great iPad app that is simple and intuitive. Oh, and did I mention that is has 90% of the properties for sale in the UK?


The Primelocation app has made clever use of the iPad functions, with scrollable images to pick out the properties in your price range. I’d prefer not to then have to visit their web site for further info, but if you want to look at top end properties then here you go.

Listing tools


If your iPad is going to deliver when it comes to impressing vendors and helping you to win a listing, then the Keynote app is the tool you need to give a slick presentation. Take a look at this link to see the type of work you can use it to produce.

PS Express

Photoshop Express is a well known program for enhancing and editing photographs. This app allows you to view and edit on the move and will no doubt come in handy for my suggestion below.


This app enables you to record all the data you would need when listing a property… in America. Clearly that’s a big downside for UK users, but it certainly is worth a look to see what I expect will at some point be available with a UK version. You can record all details for the property such as measurements, photo’s etc and then email them in a report back to your office. I anticipate that one of the software providers might see the most value in creating something similar for the UK market. Val appointments into diary. Open diary in app and complete info which syncs back to the office. Simples.

Camera for iPad

If you were wondering why you would want to edit photographs in your iPad when it doesn’t even have a camera then think again. This handy app enables you to use your iPhone to take photo’s that will bluetooth to your iPad. So here’s the plan. Pull up to their property 5mins early, take a photo, edit it to look its best and then add it into your keynote presentation to give them a very personal touch to your visit.

Document Management

Apps that will help you to manage documents such as text files and PDF’s on your iPad. Vital to enable you to keep working on the go.

Memeo Connect Reader

If you currently use Google Docs then this is the app to use. You link it to you Google account and you are away. The look and feel of the app is great and the folder interface is easy to use.

Drop Box

Drop box offers an alternative to using Google Docs by installing a Dropbox holder on your PC/Mac which then syncs to your iPad. Any items you want to later open on your iPad you simply drop into the folder and after the auto sync has taken place it will be there in your iPad Dropbox to view.  You can also choose another application to open the file in, such as Keynote, Goodreader, nebulous etc.

Good reader

This is an app that works nicely with Dropbox to make reading large PDF or Text files easier on the eye.


A cheap text editor that works in tandem with dropbox. So far I’ve not been overly impressed with it, but if you want to avoid buying expensive alternatives then it might be worth a try.

(Another couple of apps that I don’t have as yet, but suggest you consider, are pages (equivalent to Word) and numbers (excel) which will allow you read and edit those specific types of documents)

Social Media
If you are an agent that uses social media tools to build and network with your community then you will find these tools useful on the go. What better way to fill your time whilst waiting for appointments etc than to keep connected and interact with people.


Tweetdeck is my twitter application of choice for both iPhone and desktop – I have it on the iPad for continuity, but not that impressed with its functionality. I’m hoping that will improve in future versions because having column views is important to me.


Along with Flipboard, this is my favourite app for browsing twitter and provides all the functionality for browsing and having conversations. It also keeps you within the app for browsing video and web contact which makes it a very enjoyable experience.


Flipboard brings together your updates from Facebook and/or Twitter and effectively creates your own personalised online magazine. As you flip through your pages you get articles, updates, pictures and videos from your various social media streams.


I certainly hope WordPress get their act together in terms of future updates and improve the functionality of this app, but for straightforward blogging on the run this app does what it says on the tin.



I think it makes sense to have this app in your dock, if only for working out your commission.

Accu Weather

When you are out and about and want to plan taking some photo’s then you need to be on top of the weather. Plus, being British, no doubt your vendors favorite subject will be the weather and so this app will keep you well informed and ahead of the conversation.


If being a good estate agent includes being able to advise your vendor on presentation of their property for sale, then you can’t go far wrong with having the largest database of home design ideas on the net. You can browse photos by style, room and location and save them to your virtual idea book — it’s the equivalent of clipping design magazines to a scrapbook — making ideas easier to search, save, and share. If you’re short on inspiration for interiors then this is the place to turn on your iPad

These are the apps I have and recommend you have a look at – Please let me know what you think I should be adding to the list and my own dock


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  2. Thanks for your list – Just picked up my ipad this week and this comprehensive list will help get me started.

    • Cheers Tony, let me know when you have some to add to the list


  3. This a great site. You have done a good job compiling the information. Thank you for sharing your app ideas and opinions!

    • Thanks Darryl, I’m glad you like it

  4. Nice one Ben, thanks for this list, interesting to see what you have come up with.

    Best wishes


  5. […] must be convinced by now and the next step is what to load onto your ipad.  Go and have a look at Housingdabble’s blog who has a great list of products to load […]

  6. After reading that, I think that I will go out and buy an ipad

  7. I agree with turtle homes guy. An Ipad is needed if you are in the estate agent software industry or any estate agent business really.

  8. Just picked up the ipad this week and this comprehensive list will help get me started.

  9. I have an iPad and am struggling to find an app to let me do the following:
    I want to be able to down load all our property pdf’s and photos into it in categories by -Price,-Post Code, -Property type.
    The Apple store recommended using iBooks but this is no good as i want all the categories on my desktop so when I sync multiple iPads they all have the same updated property details. Is there anyone doing this if so what are you using?

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean so I will drop you an email.


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