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Performance In Detail

In the recent England rugby teams victory over the Australians, some of the credit for their success was given to the digital monitors and GPS system used to keep tabs on the players.  This impressive new technology tracks each player, monitoring their wellbeing and giving the coaches and analysts a detailed breakdown of their performance.

The information is relayed to the Lap Tops, iPhone and iPads, of the England staff and enables them to make more educated decisions on the management of the team. By using this real time system effectively, they can make calls on the game, during the game, track dips in performance and react accordingly.

By using this system to its full benefit and understanding their teams performance in detail, they can give themselves an edge in an extremely competitive field. They use every bit of information

Prior to its introduction, coaches would have made decisions such as substitutions based on perception, their gut feel. Now they can make the right decisions having been presented with accurate data.

The leading football teams use Prozone and Opta, to get similar insights into the performance of their team and also the teams they are competing against.

Prozone tell us:

“Effective post-match analysis provides the platform for objective insight into performance that enables coaches to supplement their own intuition with scientific information.

Post-match analysis can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in both player and team performance and allows you to create and adapt effective training programmes and manage specific areas in need of improvement.”

Opta provide a “pre-match opposition report” which highlights previous meetings and recent match data including penalty analysis.

In Rowing, coaches and athletes alike use the Peach system to quantify improvements in technique and performance and providing valuable feedback particularly from un-coached outings. In the forthcoming Olympic games the Rowing team will also be using a wireless system created by McLaren’s Applied Technology arm that measures the relationship between paddle, boat and athlete. Their spokesperson said:

“It means the coach is freed up to reflect on what is going on and the time he would have spent analysing huge amounts of data is freed up to do other things. That frees up imagination and that’s really hard to quantify. Data and numbers help you change athletes’ behaviour.”

How does this translate to Estate Agency performance?

Simply this. That attention to detail and using technology analysis to give you the edge can be the difference between good performance and exceptional performance.

We rely on our gut feel or gut instinct an awful lot, but if there are facts and data available, then surely we should trust them. Gut feel or perception is all very well, but if you have at your fingertips a more accurate reliable picture, you will have the edge over your competitors.

There is no doubt that technology can give us the edge in sport and in business. If Roger Federer was using the same wooden tennis racket that Bjorn Borg used, I doubt he would be anywhere near his record 16 grand slam titles.

But having the technology is not enough. The best agents don’t just have the best software, they use all the tools available to them, day in day out, relentlessly, to track performance to the point where it becomes their great strength. They have a watchful eye on the business metrics and identify what is going well and what needs fixing before it becomes a serious issue.

Can you imagine the England Rugby team having all that info but not looking at their iPads during the game? Or allowing some members of the team not to wear their tracking device? Can you imagine a premiership goalkeeper who doesn’t know where the competitor’s penalty kick taker normally places them?

There are some agents that manage to stand out head and shoulders above the rest and their profits simply underline their attention to detail and their ability to not just have the latest technology but to use it effectively.


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  2. Surveying your clients (landlords) is another kind of post-match analysis, which we believe in, and which is both cheap and easy to do using online technology. As well as getting valuable feedback, good survey results can be used to impress potential new clients.

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