Posted by: housingdabble | December 31, 2010

Hit the ground running

Some agents spend the first two weeks of January ‘getting ready’ to do business, whereas those that hit the ground running ensure they have a great start to set themselves up for a great year.

The foundation you build during January makes such a difference to your year and with there likely to be the same number of transatctions in 2011 as there were in 2010, if you want to grow your business you need to be stealing a march on your competitors.

So what are you going to do to ensure your team are ready to hit the ground running as the New Year begins?

Whatever you decide to do to kick start your activity you need to decide quickly and have it planned out well.

Here are a few ideas form me as to how to get things moving.

Januarys Big Idea

Identify the most important action for your business in Jan and build your plan around making sure that action happens the right number of times. This action has to be key to your success not just in Jan but for the entire year, for example booked market appraisals or significant price reductions on exiting stock.


You will need to set a realistic target that will also stretch the teams ability. This limbering up will also set a precedent for the rest of the year in terms of effort and result.

Look back at last years stats:

How many did you do January 2010
What result did it produce for the following months

Decide what you want this years to be and identify what increase that will mean in revenue, for the year.


Split the target between the members in your team identify a short term bonus that can be paid to the team on achieving it. It needs to be in line with the type of result you can see it producing. If the target you set will generate an additional 50k, giving them £20 M&S vouchers won’t cut it!

Set up a meeting first thing on your first day back and talk your team through the objective. Get everyone you possibly can together, it should be something everyone in the business understands.

Explain to them what it is worth to you as a business. Make sure they understand how their individual effort will support the team objective and if you are able to, give each member of the team an individual responsibility in the task.

Explain to them how your competitors without this focus will suffer like a wounded animal for the entire year

If you need to, show them pictures of wounded animals with the heads of your competitors photo shopped on to them, even pin these pictures around your staff areas.

Next, give your staff 50% of the bonus and explain why you are so confident that they will do it. Don’t worry about what will happen if it doesn’t happen – IT WILL!

Tell them why you are confident, e.g better team than. Last year , more focused etc

Value their input
Some individuals in the team will want to feel they had a part in developing the idea, so get the team brainstorming about how they can improve the part of the process that follows the action you are focused on. If the action is booking as many market appraisals as possible, how can it be done best to ensure they are converted.What can happen between booking and carrying out the appointment to make sure conversion rate improves.

Nail it

During this meeting you need to be ultra persuasive. Don’t over do it – If you’re not normally the type to jump on the desks and get excited, don’t. Do make sure you show how passionate you are about your business getting off to a good start.

Set up a ‘war room’ with targets and ‘performance to date’ plastered on the wall, where you will review the objective twice a day to ensure your targets are being met and everything is on track. If you are not convinced you will be at every war room meeting, put someone else in the team in charge of making sure the meetings happen when you aren’t there.

I’m not going to wish you good luck, I know you won’t need it


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