Posted by: housingdabble | March 15, 2011

Have you got money down the back of your sofa?

It’s an ongoing challenge for any business to differentiate their services from that of the competitors. When it comes to residential property, the general perception from landlords and consumers is that “all agents are the same”, and no self-respecting agent wants to be tarred with that brush.

Whilst it’s not just about being seen to be different, it’s important to have different and new ideas that enable you to stand out – separators.

For example, an iPhone app is unlikely to offer any practical value to selling an individual vendors property, but they are still considered to be separators in some areas with the agents that have them using their “web savvy” perception as a way of differentiating themselves and winning the listing business.

Whether you wish to grow market share, drive more traffic to your web site, generate additional valuations, convert more instructions, raise fees, increase turnover or improve profitability, there are always new ideas out there to help you differentiate your business and services.

In a few weeks time we are holding a seminar, which explores profit generating marketing ideas currently being used as separators by leading estate and lettings agencies from around the world.

Such as:

Idea 12 – Love ****days

Traffic to your website and the major portals peaks at certain times of the week, every week. Find out when these times are and what you should be doing to ensure you convert this heightened interest into more enquiries.

Idea 17 – Take a long(ish) walk

Forget branded minis. There’s an even better way to generate exposure for your brand and sell a house or two on foot.

Idea 23 – Money down the back of the sofa

Several top agencies are making an extra £3,000 per property on top of their normal commissions for an additional service, which costs them nothing. Find out what it is and how you can do the same.

We guarantee that you will learn new ideas that you can incorporate into your business.

These ideas are not just theory, they work and they are helping agents to gain market share, grow their revenues and generate more profit.

You can book tickets here for just £99

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